Whether you already have a formula in mind, or you’re starting from scratch and looking to create something truly unique, we have the expertise and equipment to help you get the results you require. Our chemists, all of whom hold Ph.D.’s and are experts in the cosmetics industry, will work collaboratively with you to develop a product that meets your specific needs and expectations.

We offer a wide range of options, including the ability to provide specific ingredients and the use of hot fill and cold fill machinery. With our extensive portfolio of formulas that can be customized to suit your needs, you can trust us to deliver the quality and reliability you deserve. We provide in house stability testing and partner with a 3rd party laboratory facility for PET, micro, and flashpoint testing. With our commitment to the highest level of quality control, you can rest assured that your products will exceed industry standards.

Product Research and Development
With a full, on-site laboratory and compounders led by a Ph.D. chemist with 20 years of industry experience, we can offer a wide range of R&D services.

Custom Formula Creation
From conception to realization, we can guide you through the process of creating a new, customized product based on your ethos, brand, and imagination.

Reverse Engineering
If you have seen something in market that inspires, we can build you a formula and new offering based on a target product. Bring us your sample and ideas and we can create a new version, better than the original.

Existing Formulation
Need to move from your existing manufacturer or relaunch your product? Bring your current formula to us and we will recreate your existing product to match your exact standards.

Product Research and Development
With a full, in-site laboratory and compounders led by a Ph.D. chemist with 20 years of industry experience, we can offer a wide range of R&D services.




Our services include compounding, filling, and finishing.


  • Liquids
  • Lotions
  • Hot Fills
  • Cold Fills
  • Gels
  • Oils


  • Bottles
  • Jars/Pots
  • Tubes
  • Airless Containers
  • Pails
  • Drums & Totes


  • Labelling
  • Shrink Wrapping
  • Shrink Sleeving
  • Speciality Assembly

White Label Products
When it comes to bringing your brand to life, our white label services offer a quick and cost-effective solution. We offer a wide range of “off-the-shelf” skin, hair, and body formulations, with the ability to customize packaging to suit your specific needs. Whether you’re just starting out or are looking to expand your product offerings, our white label services can help you get your products to market quickly and efficiently.


Design & Marketing

At Kyma Labs, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of design services tailored to meet your diverse needs. Our expertise spans various facets of branding and marketing, encompassing logo concepts and design, label design, artworking, and the development of brand guidelines. Additionally, we specialize in website design and development, ensuring a robust online presence for you.

We excel in crafting impactful marketing collateral, providing services such as brochure design, customer product display units, and custom 3D mock-ups. Our proficiency extends to packaging, covering everything from sourcing to design and custom packaging development. We further support you with printable assets and brand re-development consultancy, taking a holistic approach to enhancing and maintaining your brand identity.

With a dedicated focus on creativity and strategic design, we are committed to helping you stand out in the competitive market. At Kyma Labs, our mission is to bring your vision to life and elevate your brand to new heights.



Source & Supply

We understand the importance of a strong brand and the impact it can have on the success of your product. That’s why we offer comprehensive packaging, and container sourcing support to help you bring your vision to life. Our team of in-house experts is dedicated to designing and identifying the perfect components to showcase your product and make it stand out in a crowded marketplace. With our expertise, you can rest assured that your brand will make a lasting impression on your target audience, and your product will be packaged and presented in a way that reflects its quality and value.


Fullfillment Expertise

Struggling with fulfillment of online sales? Our experience runs the gamut from direct to consumer website sales fulfillment, to Shopify and Amazon, to Amazon FBA logistics support. Let us help! Our experts can help manage the process for you end to end. We work everyday shipping to retailers both large and small and our staff can take the pain out of the process for you.